I stand for a fiscally responsible and constitutionally limited government which lives within its means. Texas families have to balance their budgets, and so should government. In the Texas House, I will fight to put an end to wasteful spending of taxpayer dollars.

Our Constitutional

I believe in the strict interpretation of our U.S. and Texas Constitutions and will fight liberal interpretations of either. Both Legislatures and Courts should have a philosophy of strict adherence to both sacred documents. They are the basis and foundations of our liberty and our freedoms.

Jobs and
the Economy

I am also committed to improving our economy. I am a product of our nation’s great free enterprise system, and my experience as a businessman has shown me that to move our economy forward, we must empower small business owners. With lower taxes and less regulation, Texas businesses can thrive.

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Today, trial lawyers are preying on our judicial system, making millions of dollars off of lawsuits against Texas families and businesses. I believe that in line with our constitution, we must tightly enforce restrictions on frivolous lawsuits.


I believe that government officials should hold themselves to the highest ethical standards, and if elected I will support ethics reform which will ensure transparency and accountability in Austin. I also support the adoption of term limits for statewide offices, as I believe fresh perspectives – not entrenched politicians – are the key to an effective government.

Supporting our Second Amendment Rights

Our right to keep and bear arms is vital to our nation; so vital that the framers of the Constitution saw fit to include it as the Second Amendment in the Bill of Rights. Unfortunately, liberals in D.C. and Austin continue to try to make it harder for us to exercise this important right. If elected, I will stand up for gun rights and work to pass legislation granting further protections for the Second Amendment.


I am a strong believer that the power of choice is the key to reforming education, and I will work hard to ensure that parents and students are able to exercise this power through vouchers and charter schools. I believe in empowering teachers by rewarding their success in the classroom and focusing on teacher effectiveness, not bureaucracy. I am adamantly against the adoption of Common Core curriculum in Texas.

Conservative Values

Faith, family, and freedom are extremely important to me. I am pro-family, pro-life and I will stand up for traditional marriage. For far too long, our Texas values have been under attack by the left, who want to force us to abandon tradition and ignore our moral compass. If elected, I will work hard to defend conservative values in Austin.

Securing the Border

Washington has failed to protect our Texas border and the results on our society are evident: Illegal drugs flow across our border every day and innocent human beings are being sold into modern day slavery. I want to finish the job that Attorney General Greg Abbott and others have started to put human trafficking to an end once and for all.

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